We have the experience and resources to guide you while you build a strong foundation
Not only did the A.Capital Talent Team help us with the basics — recruiting, compensation structures, and interview training and set-up — they also assisted us in our unique growth strategy. That included: introducing us to expert advisors; helping hire and train our first recruiter; and helping source and hire our head of sales who drove the growth of revenue from $300k ARR to $20M+ ARR in under 2 years. – Bismarck Lepe, Wizeline

Your entire talent growth plan should become a seamless part of your company from the start.

We will work with you to build strategic and efficient practices that produce results, while also taking into account the need to plan for future scale. We understand that you need to build what’s right for you, at the right time, for your company.

Our Tools

The A.Capital Talent Team has been a tremendous resource for us in assisting with everything from recruiting to introducing us to key industry experts. We are excited and grateful to be part of the A.Capital portfolio.

- Darren Lachtman, Brat

One of the most important aspects of building an AI company is assembling the right team of top talent. The Talent Team at A.Capital has been helpful throughout that whole process, providing seasoned context for negotiations and setting successful workplace dynamics.

- Vladislav Voroniski, Helm


Finding the right candidates is essential. Knowing where to find them through creative sourcing strategies is just the beginning. A.Capital will work with you to implement the right sourcing tools at every stage of your growth.


By leveraging our robust and expansive network, we will facilitate the right connections and introductions. We do this throughout the various levels from early-stage advisors and consultants to future board members.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

We’re deeply familiar with the many ways to track applicants and will help you choose the right one at the right time.

Executive Recruiting

Hiring executives is complicated and time consuming. We’ll help you build the right senior team for your company by leveraging our existing networks and resources.

Interview Process

Connecting with the right candidates is just the beginning. As your company grows, your interview process will continue to evolve. Knowing how to get and keep the best people at every stage of this growth is essential.


We will help you put together uniquely compelling offers, coach you through negotiation strategies as you go from your first hire to your hundredth, and bring in the right resources at the right time to help you close the best candidates.


Identifying appropriate salary and equity for your first few hires is not easy. We will work with you to ensure you are providing incentivizing compensation packages that encourage employee performance and growth while maintaining your option pool.


Successful onboarding is essential to the success of your people and your company. A.Capital can provide you with an efficient strategy, from training tools to the imperative seamless culture integration.

The Talent Team at A.Capital specializes in empowering our entrepreneurs to build a solid infrastructure by integrating processes and nuanced growth strategies to facilitate the success of their business.

Our goal is to partner with our founders to help them quickly and successfully grow through every phase of their development.

"A.Capital's Talent Team has been a competitive advantage to us. Without their help it's hard to imagine that we'd have been able to put together the experienced and scrappy team that got us to where we are today."
– Amir Elaguizy, Cratejoy